Massachusetts Artisan John Darby

Handcrafted Custom Furniture, Fine Woodworking, Decorative Art and Fine Art Prints

Elegant and timeless, custom woodwork and art showcase the beauty of wood and pigment, honor the traditions of East and West, and create beautiful worlds within your home. 

John’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident from the chiseled decor of architectural columns and generous dining room tables, down to the exquisite detailing of a decorated jewelry box.            

Oak and mahogany, cherry and maple, teak and satinwood all sing by saw & chisel, inviting you to join their song. 

Similarly, his framed and frame-ready gicleé prints and carved wooden sculptures transport the viewer into worlds as fantastic and familiar as the human body. He works with vibrant imagination, transforming our inner architecture with color, energy, and rhythmic frequency.

From learning Tibetan wood carving technique to working in master studios in Boston, John Darby is adept in styles as far-ranging as Art Nouveau, Mission/Craftsman, Baroque, Queen Anne, Asian, and Austere Modern. 

Clients seeking custom work are welcome by appointment to his studio in a vibrant old mill in Easthampton, MA.

Click below to visit the darbyartisan Instagram page; click any menu at the top of this page for works available for purchase.